How easyCashback works 

Freemium or Premium, that´s the question?

Freemium or Premium?
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Freemium subscription give you access to thousands of online shops in the UK and around Europe.

You´ll get our branded virtual Mastercard along with your membership to topup with your earned cashback.


Premium subscription is offering a much higher cashback from all our partners in the UK and all around Europe. You´ll also benefit from exclusive promotions and offers dedicated only to Premium members. The membership has a monthly fee of £ 10.

By linking a card to your membership you can benefit from cashback on in-store purchases with partnering shops, restaurants and grocery stores.
Online and In-store offers
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With the linked card, Mastercard, Visa or Amex, you will earn cashback from in-store purchases too.

Our partners are all over Europe and specially where there is an easyJet destination, a easyHotel or any other easy business form the family of brands.

The cashback is registered automatically so there is no need to show membership or to inform the personnel of your easyCashback subscription to get your cashback registered with us.

It is all automatically handled.

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easyMarket place

The easyMarket place displays all the different businesses in the easy family of brands, created by Sir Stelios, founder of easyJet.


Explore the easyMarket place to find out more of the businesses and offers specially dedicated to you as a member.

Pay using your cashback

You will be able to pay the fees you have with the easy family of brand partnering with us on this feature.