Cashback with in-store purchases

Link your card to benefit from in-store offers and cashback from all our partnering shops and restaurants in the UK and all over Europe.

By linking, up to 5 different  cards, be they Mastercard™, Visa™ or Amex™ , to your membership you will receive cashback from all our in-store retailers around Europe such as shops, restaurants, grocery stores and shopping centers.

By using one of the cards when purchasing a product in-store or paying for a dinner at a partner restaurant the system recognizes automatically the transaction and you will receive your cashback directly onto the card.

All you have to do is register a card when signing up for your easyCashback membership.
Is it safe for me to link my Credit or Debit card?
Yes it is. We are only registering the name on the cardholder and the 16 digit card number with your membership to enable the logging of transactions and reimburse your earned cashback.
You do not register the CVV code of the card, so no unauthorized payments can be made.
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